Who Uses Online Food Safety Training

For those who need food safety and quality assurance training but cannot travel to our live general courses, our online food safety training options are a great alternative. Online training is conducted on the Zoom platform. Most of the courses can be done virtually.

Do you need personal in-house training? Like personal training offerings, we offer low-cost virtual training deals for you and your team. We can work with you to create a training program tailored to your company's specific needs. So your participants get what they need. You may navigate to https://www.foodsafety-certification.com/services.html to enroll in a food course online.

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Food manufacturers, restaurant chains, and other food companies who need to train food safety and quality personnel but do not wish to attend public training courses due to COVID restrictions, travel costs, or other reasons, can choose our virtual training courses. Online trainees must have their unique email address and access to a personal computer and/or classroom.

Webcam and microphone are required for training. Participation in coursework is also mandatory for most courses. Participants are encouraged by the teacher to share answers to the exercises and participate in other class discussions.

Team building? Yes! Many people don't consider the team-building impact group learning has on organizations. Spending a few days together learning new materials and networking across the company makes for a great team-building exercise. Your team will learn together and better understand each other's roles, which usually leads to greater cohesion.