All About Herb Grinders

Everyone knows a great herb grinder is an essential tool for any cannabis enthusiast. It’s a very simple machine that enables you to grind bud and herb into small pieces. Grinding is the ideal way to get your weed prepped to enhance its potency, keep your hands clean, and elevate your smoking experience.

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The essence of grinding cannabis is grinding it down into small particles which increases its surface area and burns completely (not just scorch the outside). You can use your fingers or even crush your bud with a pharmacist’s pestle and mortar, but you’ll be settling for lower quality – and wasted product. The cannabinoids that stick to your fingers could’ve stayed on the bud – not your hands.

Investing in a high-quality grinder is the sure way to get the most from your cannabis and useless. However, a grinder isn't necessarily enough – what you’re putting in makes the most difference (removing stems and seeds). Cannabis from Canadian retailers offers some of the best smoking experiences.Many underestimate what a grinder can do for your smoking session. Not just a procedure for preparing your weed, the truth is that it significantly improves cannabis quality, and equals the burn or vapour you get.