What is The Actual Purpose of Skill assessment?

The Skills Assessment is designed to help employers better understand an applicant's skills and abilities.  What is included in each test level? Each test level includes a set of multiple-choice questions and a performance task that tests an applicant's ability to complete a specific task.

For example, at Level 1, you might expect to see 10-15 'yes/no' multiple-choice questions about your abilities in passing out envelopes, completing customer service orders, and filling out invoices.  At Level 2, you might encounter performance tasks that require you to complete a written application or to make a phone call.

To take skill tests companies can also use Employee Assessment Tools & Recruitment Assessment Tools from Wild Noodle.

What happens if an applicant fails a test?

The assessment is designed so that failing any multiple-choice test question will result in the applicant being placed at whichever level is more difficult than the one they just failed. For example, if you pass 3 out of 10 Level 1 multiple choice questions, but fail 1 out of 10 Level 2 performance questions, you will be placed at Level 2.

Jobs will not be lost because of one or two failed exams. However, the applicant will not be able to move to Level 3 until they pass the remaining tests.

What is my score?

We calculate one grade (A, B, or C) for each item on the test by averaging the candidate’s responses. An overall grade is assigned based on the total number of correct answers. For example, if a candidate answered 40 questions correctly in Level 2 and 20 correctly in Level 3, his or her overall score would be 80 points out of 100. A passing grade for an individual test is 75 points out of 100.