What Is Package Integrity Testing? And Why Would You Need It For Your Packages?

Protecting your packages from damage and other potential post-delivery accidents is something that everyone has to worry about. It can cost a lot of money to replace items if they don't arrive in the condition you sent them or worse, they arrive completely broken or destroyed.

Package integrity testing is a type of vulnerability testing that examines the security of packages and shipments. It can be used for goods being shipped domestically or internationally. They are tested for things like tampering, pilferage, and loss. If you’re looking for package integrity testing devices then find them through https://flexpakinc.com/test-methods.

Packages are scanned for any anomalies, whether it be a small opening near the bottom, drawings on an outside surface, or exposed wiring on an interior product.

Package integrity testing is often used in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that products are not tampered with and their effectiveness is not compromised.

What are some of the benefits of package integrity testing?

Package integrity testing is a process used to help ensure the safety and quality of your packages. This can include something like inspecting the damage or tampering that could have occurred during shipment. 

These types of inspections can be done in order to find any issues with the product itself, but also to see if there are any issues with the packaging itself. Ensuring quality control for packing is just as important as ensuring quality in manufacturing.

How is this type of testing done?

Package integrity testing is done by taking a package and checking to see if it has been tampered with. If the packaging is in bad condition, then the product inside is unlikely to be safe. 

It can also detect if someone has tried to refill the package with something else. There are many reasons why you may need this type of testing for your packages, such as to make sure that the packages will not be stolen or tampered with before they reach their destination.