Procedure of Product Development

Product testing will require you to build a prototype or mock-up. This will help you to identify improvements or changes you need to make, identify typical usage situation and then move to sell it in the market test.

Eventually you will need to advertise and market the product. To do this, you need to make your adjustments, assessing costs and then make the decision final price. You can get best product design services via

Once the idea has drawn out the next step is screening ideas. The idea is to review the idea, erase every concept that seems unstable and starts to ask some important questions relating to the preconceived notion. Whether customers will benefit from the product? What is the expected size and growth of the target market?

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What is the pressure expected from the idea of a competitor's product? Are you researching the industry's sales and market trends are based on a product idea? How feasible it is to manufacture the product? Will it be profitable and delivered to the customer after the product has been produced?

Once the screening process is completed it is time to test and develop the concept. You can do this by asking a group of customers sample their views on the idea of the product after use. You will need to estimate the selling price based on the feedback you receive from customers and based on the information you have received from fellow competitors.