Taking A Look At The Various Parts Of An Excavator

An excavator machine is very important when doing a heavy-duty construction. An excavator has many parts that allow you to do the heavy lifting. For more information, you can visit https://www.cphes.ca/sany.

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The main parts include:

Parts of an excavator


Are responsible for moving the excavator. They also help scrape the upper areas of land and move earth to the lowlands. Scrapers are of great importance in large sites such as road construction.

Wheel loaders: 

It is also known as loaders and excavators to help turn sharply when charging the car. To move the chargers need to use the steering system that uses a series of heavy axles.

Backfill blade: 

It is usually installed at the rear of the excavator. In addition to adding some versatility to the excavator, a backfill blade also helps in stabilizing the excavator.


This is a large articulated arm hydraulically. The good thing is that his arm can accommodate different tools in it depending on the job you want to do.

Cabin: This is where you feel when the excavator is operated. Comfort is very important when you work, the cabin is normally sealed ensuring no noise or dust that distracts you.

These are some of the main parts of an excavator. It is good to note that the parties tend to be defective and must be replaced. When replacing ensure you buy the parts from the manufacturer or any other reputable seller.