Golden Points To Increase Your Rating With Lyft

If you are a Lyft driver and want to increase your star ratings with Lyft then you must read this article. In this article, we will let you know about some golden points that you need to follow while working as a Lyft driver. There are many companies like the rideshare dashboard that provides complete information and tips to earn more with Lyft.

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Treat each trip as a job of customer service. If you have already worked in the customer service industry, you know that customer's happiness is the number one concern. When you customer some up in your car, welcome him/her with a sweet smile and call him by his/her name. Try to be a little friendly with the customer. Try to have a meaningful conversation. Talk about what they do for a living (people love talking about themselves), the time, the events that happen in your town, and use your knowledge of the city to drive the conversation. 

Be patient with the riders. there are some customers who do not like to have a conversation, you are better off just trying to match the passengers of your energy level. You sometimes get a passenger who is too drunk, critical, or cranky. It is important that you are patient with these customers, you can be upset by their attitude, but try to the best of your ability to alleviate the concerns they have so that they have the best driving experience.

These are just some ways to help your driver rating, the best way to maintain this high score is to constantly look for ways to become a better driver. If you make a real effort to do so, you can expect to increase your earnings by as much as 10% to 20% in the form of higher tips and more accepted walks.