Different Types Of Banner Stands

Banner stands are mostly related to trade shows and other events of the company's sales. There are various types of existing banner stands available according to the application. If you want to check out the different types of banner stands, you can have a look at https://www.bannerandflagwholesalers.com/.

Basic Stand: It is the most economical banner stand as they are the most simple in terms of construction. This stand is very flexible and is often used in the retail and restaurant environments for highlighting sales, specials, and promotions.

Roll-up: This banner system is very stable because there is a good weight at the base so it works well in high-traffic areas where it might get a little crowded. This banner is often used at the entrance to a retail location to attract traffic.

Interchangeable Cartridge: This type of banner stand uses the same basic system as drawn, but allows one to exchange graphics depending on the requirement. This makes it a much more flexible stand.

Double-sided Stand: This system allows the banner graphic to be viewed from both sides. For areas that have two-way traffic, such as a sidewalk or hallway, the system provides high visibility and space is not wasted. Graphics can be the same on both sides, or each can be adjusted.

Video Stand: To add a more dynamic element to the banner, the system combines a space for video monitors for graphic banners. The monitor can be used to play video or computer feeds support for the presentation or slide show.

Banner stands are a real attention-getter and can communicate the message at a glance. There are hundreds of applications available for standing banners in retail stores, restaurants, and companies.