A Divorce Attorney In Norfolk VA Can Help You With The Problems

Do you have problems with your divorce arrangements and want to hire a divorce lawyer to solve it? During a divorce, there are a number of things that need to be agreed on such as the distribution of assets and who will get custody of the children you might have.

If you feel that you have gotten the rough end of every transaction made during divorce then you can get a divorce lawyer to help you tilt a little in your favor. You can also hire the best divorce attorneys in Norfolk VA.

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Child custody

If you have children, an agreement must be made about who gets custody of the children. In general, the court decides to side with the mother, but other aspects such as the ability to raise children and income will lead to choices.


Even if you don't have custody of your child, you can get a time-sharing agreement where you can spend some time with your child for a week.

Arrest warrant

Do you think that you feel disturbed by your ex-spouse and emotionally affected because of this? Then you need to appoint a family lawyer who can help you get prevention orders against your ex-spouse.

There are many quality divorce lawyers out there who can make the divorce process much more tolerable. If you feel you don't want to discuss the information of the divorce agreement with your ex-spouse, your lawyer can handle everything for you.