A Presentation That Remembers Heroism

 Entertainment is very common on this modern generation. But it has in fact started ever since the old days but the exact time is unknown and no one could ever tell. Rosa parks play is one of the greatest hits of stage presentation during the old times and even until now.

For the sake of those who do not know, entertainment is actually a kind of activity that helps release stress of a person. It somehow gives fun to people and is very important especially to those who are suffering from extreme sadness and frustration. Experts are in fact promoting this because it is the best cure for stress.

Being that said, there are actually several kinds of entertainment that a person could avail. The most common is televisions shows. But we cannot deny that the traditional method sometimes exceeds the modern ones. It includes stage play and other live presentation. Unlike recorded cinema, the emotion can effectively reach the audiences in this kind of play.

Our subject matter refers to a play based on the story of a person who once fought for her rights to be treated equal with the others. She was an activist for civil rights who refused to give her seat to a white person while riding the bus. The story inspired many people especially those who came from the same race as she.

As a human being, we normally tend to word really hard for us to earn enough money necessary for our survival. But in doing such, we sometimes forget the importance of our own health that we end up getting illnesses. That is why, it is really advised that we take a rest and have some fun even just for a while.

Undoubtedly, since there is no longer a single thing that is for free nowadays. We normally need to spend some money in everything that we do and acquire. That is only normal because our world now is run by money and in fact, we cannot to anything without any cash in our hands.

There have been huge changes that had happened in our society and in the industry of showbiz. Not to mention that digital imaging is now being used in lieu of live plays. Indeed, such a big leap and advancement in our life but we should not forget the value of traditional methods.

In any case, our topic may be beneficial in the minds of our young generation for them to realize how hard our ancestors fought for their inherent rights. But we must remember that all things come with a negative side. As a matter of fact, misunderstanding usually arises depending on the delivery of the message. As a result, it may end up distorting the whole story.

However, such is actually not a big deal because people are more focused on the presentation itself rather than the story behind. But to make sure, there are actually copies of prologue that are given before or after the end of such. In this case, you will be able to effectively appreciate the wholeness of said play.