What is Home Health?

In a relentless effort to contain the rising costs of medical care, patients are discharged from hospitalization before treatment is complete, and in some cases even started.

Like it or not, this trend will continue. Many people are sent home with new medications or newly diagnosed illnesses, with little or no training about their health or medication. Many patients return home only to return to the hospital via the emergency room because complications do not occur during the hospital stay or because complications do not occur until several days after discharge. You can contact to the best home care services at https://www.traditionshhs.com/home-care.

Alzheimers & Dimensia Care

Home Nurses and Therapists for Help!

While still in the hospital, doctors write referrals for home care. If you or a loved one is about to be discharged from the hospital, ask your doctor if he thinks home health care is indicated.

Home health care is paid for by a private insurance company, Medicare, or a government agency if two conditions are met. One is that the patient has a “qualifying need”. It is a medical condition that requires training or tasks to be performed or supervised by a nurse or a state-recognized physicist, specialist, or speech therapist, or medical social worker.

The second condition is that the patient must be “homebound”. This means that the patient cannot leave the house alone or that he is still too weak or sick to go out for entertainment. The idea behind this provision is that if patients are healthy enough to shop or eat lunch, they are healthy enough to receive treatment or therapeutic services in an ambulance.