What Does A Stone Sealing Service Do?

Stone sealing services apply a sealant to your natural stone surface to ensure it lasts longer. This requires your service provider to remove the current sealant and reapply a new layer. This article will look at which types of stone flooring require sealing and those that do not, as well as a basic idea of how much stone sealing could cost. 

stone sealing

Which stone flooring requires sealing?

The more porous natural stones used in the home are the ones that should be sealed without fail as this will protect them from spills, stain, advanced wear and tear, cracks and scratches. The stones that should be sealed no matter what are marble, slate, travertine, sandstone, and limestone. This is because these are highly porous meaning they absorb moisture and odour. 

Which stone flooring does not?

On the other end of the spectrum we have stone floors that are not as porous as the ones mentioned above so, although they should still be sealed for protective purposes, they do not have to be. These are basalt and granite. 

How much does Stone Sealing generally cost? 

Stone sealing is charged on a per metre squared basis. These range from $8 per m2 to $4, with the lower fee being for a larger area. 


When selecting your stone sealing service provider, be sure to let them know the rough square metre area that would need to be sealed to get a more accurate cost, while asking if they do a discount for larger areas.