Waffle Pod Slab For Home Renovation

Waffle rafters use Styrofoam molds or "waffle pods" to form the ends and inner beams and give the panels the necessary rigidity without the use of excessive concrete. Remember that polystyrene is not structural, it is just an empty substance.

The waffle pod slab process is usually cut with solid concrete pillars or piles. However, there should be no struts, especially if the building will be erected with a thin layered frame, not a bricklayer or full brick structure. The distance between the piers is usually 2.4 m center to center under masonry and 3.6 m inside.

There have been some negative reports in the media about waffle sheets, particularly with regard to several new homes on the outskirts of Melbourne experiencing problems with foundation movement and cracking and subsequent damage to walls and floors. 

This report wrongly blames wafer plate construction for problems when the problem is related to geotechnical factors which will cause problems in any type of construction unless geotechnical problems are known and can occur before the design stage, appropriate action is taken to prevent them. This occurs or to prevent movement from occurring without damaging the structure.

The waffle iron is the preferred construction method of many project builders as well as well-known builders. This is due to the simplicity of construction and the potential savings in a given volume.