Understanding The Basics Concept Of Buyer Agency

The search for your dream home often starts at your computer. Joy builds when you scroll through all the potential properties that match your criteria. Choosing a buying agent to work with is a critical first step and like anything, the more time you have in your decision, the better the outcome.

That is, you can hire an agent to work exclusively on your behalf to secure the home. And the best part, their fees are generally paid by realtors but there are steps you must take to make sure everything is in the right order to secure this representation. You can get the services of a buyer’s agent by navigating to: www.multiplypropertygroup.com.au/.


We always recommend that even when you start looking for a relaxed home, you take the time to interview several agents. Prepare a list of useful questions to ask the agent you decide to interview.

How well do you know the fields that interest me?

Is this your full-time profession?

How do you usually handle the process? Are you directly involved or are there other members of your team?

What type of contract do we sign?

This last question is very important to ask. Many, many agents will ask their buyer clients to sign exclusive buyer agent contracts. This means that after signing the contract (and reading the small print) you are bound to work with the agent until a certain period ends or the transaction takes place.