Top 4 Explanation Video Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Here are top 4 explanation video mistakes that you need to avoid. These are as follows:

1) Nothing grabs attention at the beginning of the video

If the few first seconds are boring people will definitely stop watching the video and move on doing something else. Thus your message will not even have the possibility to be absorbed. If you are looking for 2d explainer video company then you can explore

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2) The video is too long

For short messages a minute should be sufficient and even the most detailed explanation shall not exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds.

3) The objective of the video is not clear

If you just like to explain your product is service that is a good thing. What do you need the video for? What shall be the objective? A video should have an objective, which shall be carefully crafted. If you would like to increase trust towards a financial service then it would be counterproductive just to describe how it works, without getting a hint on how the life of the users will improve.

4) Style is not appropriate for the target group

Some production companies stick to a single style, which might go well with a certain product but might have the opposite effect in another case. For instance remaining with the example of a new online financial service, if the style is the same as for a funky new car then the target group might easily refuse what is being said.