The History and Benefits of Stucco

Plaster and stucco is not much different in their ingredients, but how they are applied. Typically, the plaster used on the walls and stucco used outside the building.

The original components of the plaster, includes chalk or clay with sand and straw. To know more about parging and stucco repair you can contact Edmonton Parging Contractors.


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Cement as we know it today began to be produced in 1824 .Although stucco house did not become popular until the twentieth century America, mention plaster and stucco can find the way back to ancient Greece date.

In fact, the word "plaster" is an ancient Greek term meaning "to daub it on". Throughout the year, the cement has become an important part of safe and stylish exterior architecture.

There are so many benefits to using concrete for the exterior of your home or business it is not surprising that it has been around for so long. Cement is very durable and lasts forever. It is both fire and water resistant.

Because it does not trap the water, it will not rot or grow mold, which improves the quality of your building's interior as well. It retains its color for many years. Basically, what this all adds up to is that the cement save money.

You do not have to maintain it by getting rid of rotten or continue painting it throughout the year to keep the colors bright. This is an exterior wall finish that is highly efficient and beautiful for any building.