Start the Fire with Natural Firelighter

No matter whether you are burning a fire in your fireplace, a wood burning stove, or an outdoor fire pit. You need to know how to light a fire. Some people consider it a skill some people consider it an art but either way, it's valuable knowledge to have. While this method can be used for all fire types, we will focus our attention on lighting fires in your wood-burning fireplace. The first thing to do is ensure that your fireplace is properly maintained and ready for use.

Even though the wood is covered it needs to be stacked in a way that air can still circulate underneath it. Wood that is green is freshly cut but is too moist for it to burn well is called "green wood". Green wood is natural firelighter. Wood that has been left to sit for a while and is not well-baked does not burn well.

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Make sure you have your fireplace tools on hand. Also, make sure that the damper is closed. Next, you need to prepare the wood. For a fireplace, it is best to use seasoned wood. Seasoned wood has wood that has been left outside for approximately a year.

Once you have the ideal wood you will need some kindling and some newspaper. You could also use commercial fire starters but I prefer doing it the old-fashioned way using crumpled newspapers.