Some of The Most Fun Outdoor Games and Tips

This weekend, instead of video games and non-stop television, try turning your family into outdoor gaming fun. The games and tips featured here will keep everyone engaged, touching and asking to play more. You can now also play the best game of axe throwing in Lancaster CA via

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Also, three Holes is a fun ball game for 2-10 players or more. You need a hard playing surface and a golf flash for every player. First, make three shallow holes with your heels, all in a straight line five to fifteen feet between the holes. Add a moving line to one of the end holes.

The objective of each player is to throw the ball twice into each of the three holes. If he misses the throw, the ball remains in effect and it is the turn of the next player. The next player can throw the ball into the hole or into the opponent's ball.

This can come in handy when another player's ball is closer to the hole. If he hits the ball, he can throw it down the hole from here and move on to the next hole. When landing in one hole, it rolls over to the next, first places its heel in the hole that previously landed, and rolls into the next.

Fun outdoor board game. Studies show that outdoor play is maximized when appropriate equipment and materials are combined with adult participation. So instead of sending your kids to play, throw them a ball, play a game of romp, or teach them some fun outdoor games from your childhood.