How to Get Premium Clones from Your Cannabis Plants In Michigan

By taking cuttings from a strong mother plant, you can maintain the exact genetic characteristics of the strain. Although complex, cannabis cloning is straightforward if you use the right techniques and equipment.

You can buy Superior Michigan cannabis clones from the best online shop with free delivery. There are many advantages to cloning your cannabis plant, but the main one is that you can get almost unlimited plant-specific genetics. The best part is that cloning is free.

How to Get Premium Clones from Your Cannabis Plants In Michigan

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What is a cannabis clone?

Cannabis clones are cuttings from the cannabis plant. After the roots grow, these cuttings become plants with the exact same genetics as the original plant.

When you buy cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank, each seed will carry the genetics of parent plant. However, once you germinate, you may find that each plant (or phenotype) looks completely different.

This is because they can express the genetics passed down from their parents in different ways, just as you may look completely different from your siblings.

So, if you find a plant with certain traits (smell, taste, yield, size, etc.) that you like, cloning will allow you to retain those genetic traits and grow as you do always.

Choosing the right parent plant for cloning, cloning actually captures the best characteristics of a particular strain. Therefore, you need to be quite selective about which plants to clone.