How to Choose the Shredder That’s Right For You

When all you need to do is rip up personal bank statements, receipts, canceled checks, and spam, you need a personal paper shredder for the home. Homemade paper shredders are designed for easy use and usually, meet the requirements for easy cutting by one to two people and require 3 to 10 sheets of standard size paper at a time. 

Latest Technologies in Printing World

House shredders are available in strip and cross-cut models. Document shredder quickly dumps documents in long strips of paper. A cross-cut shredder will usually rip a smaller piece of paper more slowly, but is safer and leaves nothing larger than a 2" x 1/4" sheet of paper. Domestic shredders are equipped with durable cutter heads that accept staples and paper clips and are often no bigger than a small trash can.

More and more families are using paper shredders in their homes, and manufacturers are trying to make paper shredders safe for children by plugging in smaller holes and adding locks. Fellowes offers a lightweight paper shredder with SafeSense technology that protects your little one's fingers by stopping the shredder as soon as it hits the paper entrance. Some models also have a unique safety lock that prevents the crusher from accidentally starting.

Document shredder for office

It is not recommended for small offices and small business owners to use paper shredders, this is the law. The FACTA Disposal Act requires all companies and employers to properly dispose of the personal records they collect from employees and consumers. HIPAA regulations require healthcare institutions and the companies they contract with to protect the privacy of their patients by properly disposing of files. Designed to prevent identity theft and protect patient privacy, FACTA and HIPAA are making fragmentation a necessity for businesses of all sizes.