Fixing Smiles With Dental Crowns In Bend

Many people are afraid to smile or laugh because their teeth are deformed, broken, or wrecked. However, dentists in Bend can end your anxiety with a dental crown.

Dental crowns are the perfect cosmetic and structural solution. This procedure uses a tooth-shaped cap to relieve patient discomfort and restore strength to the tooth.

These coatings can consist of porcelain, metal, or ceramic. Your dentist may also use dental crowns to cover dental implant posts or to add bridges. You can also get the best crowns in Bend via

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At the first appointment, the dentist removes tooth decay. It also adds a texture to match the crown. Then an impression is made. It is used by laboratory technicians to make crowns that fit a tooth while making sure the tooth looks in proportion to other teeth.

The color of the crown can also be adjusted to the natural teeth. Acrylic or stainless steel crown with a natural feel and look is placed until the permanent crown is ready.

After the permanent crowns are ready, the temporary crowns are removed and the new ones are glued securely with strong adhesive. The procedure may vary for patients depending on their goals.

Dentists in Bend offer a number of crown types. Metal crowns are made from alloys of gold, chrome, nickel, or palladium. Even though they are thin and durable, metallic paints can look artificial.

However, a crown made entirely of porcelain or ceramic looks the most natural. They are also suitable for patients allergic to metals. Although it doesn't last long, it is the best choice for anterior teeth.

If you can't smile or laugh in embarrassment at the appearance of your teeth, visit your local dentist today to learn more about crowns!