Dog Daycare in Durham – Why Not to Leave Your Pet At Home When You Are At Work

Dog daycare may be a concept to which you haven't given much thought, but you might be surprised at the long list of benefits, not just for your canine, but also for yourself.  What is dog daycare all about? 

A doggy day care in Durham will give your pet a protected and stimulating environment to spend the time that he can't be with you. 

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Many of us work long hours, but don't want to miss out on the wonderful experience of sharing our lives with a canine companion.  So what do we do?  Do we leave 'man's best friend' crated up all day, bored out of her mind, and overactive once released from the crate?  Or should we leave her to her own devices and accept the destruction that will be wreaked on our home by our bored pet? 

Do we pay a pet walker, who will take our pet to the park for a couple of hours a day, which may take the edge off, but definitely won't wear a canine out?  Not to mention that at the park our pet will interact with all the other dogs out there, vaccinated or not, socialized or not, possibly dealing with aggressive dog behavior or who knows what else.

At a dog daycare facility in Providence, your canine companion would spend his time with a limited number of other dogs, which just like yours, have been evaluated for health, aggressive dog behavior, and suitability for the group.  So the environment is safer and bound to be a lot more fun than being dragged twice around the park on a leash and stepping on or being stepped on by the rest of the walking group.