Christmas Celebration Time And Traditions

Christmas tradition makes the holiday season special. We all have certain rituals or habits that we do every year to celebrate the season. Have you ever wondered how this habit got started? Some famous traditions for everyone are celebrated by some but all are beautiful ways to share the meaning of Christmas with our loved ones. Read on to learn about how some traditions emerged.

Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers are small cardboard tubes covered in decorative wrappers. When pulled apart the tube makes a small explosion sound and the inside reveals toys and paper with funny sayings. Now X-mas crackers is a popular part of Christmas celebrations in homes throughout the world.

Christmas Carols

Carols began as a song celebrating the Birth of God. Over the years religious organizations have participated and banned singing Christmas songs depending on religious teachings at the time. The 20th century saw a continuing interest in Christmas carols and several religious and secular Christmas carols written and became popular holiday favorites.

Candy Cane

The red and white striped sticks of hard candy known as candy canes started around 1670. Candy is made in the form of shepherd’s hooks. The shape of the hook immediately causes them to hang on the tree due to the habit of decorating the tree with candy.


Bells and Christmas cannot be separated. A simple bell silhouette illustrates the meaning of Christmas. Bells became part of Christian worship around the year 400 and their voice calling on the faithful to be worshiped was their first relationship with Christmas.