Car Floor Mats Materials – Which Material Do I Need For My Vehicle?

Automotive floor mats are best for the valuable floor of your car, truck or SUV. It is a rugged gift mat that provides an additional level of comfort and praise for the vehicle's interior aesthetics.

Vehicle manufacturers have been trying to solve a unique problem by creating many types of materials, each of which is intended to provide adequate protection for the intended use of the vehicle. To buy the best car floor mat, you may navigate to this website.

Aftermarket carpet and rug manufacturers offer products that use materials and colors designed to match OEM while offering an improvement over the original.

What original material available?


– The cut pile consists of 100% nylon thread.

– With 1/8 tufts to gauge cut hair, containing 14 ounces of yarn per square yard.

– Cut Pile has been the source material on most home vehicles since around 1974.

– The material cutting pile can have massive backing. The backing mass is approximately 45mil thick of EVA material. This is a great barrier against sound and heat and improves the general appearance of the carpet after installation.

– Cut the material from the 78-inch-wide pile.


– Loop material consists of 100% nylon 6,6 thread called Raylon

– With 1/8 gauge strands, loop wire containing 20 ounces per square yard.

– Loop materials initially used in vehicles manufactured before 1974.

– The material loops can have ground backing. 78-inch-wide circle of material.


– Nylon consists of a 100% nylon thread.

– With 1/8 gauge strands, nylon thread containing 12 ounces per square yard.

– Nylon material originally used in the late 1960s Ford Model.

– Nylon material is available with optional support of our mass.

– 78-inch wide nylon material.