Buying what you need for your reptile pet

People who want a variety of pets often want to purchase one or two different types of reptiles. Snakes, bearded dragons, turtles, and lizards are all growing in popularity among animal lovers. More pet stores are starting to stock exotic animals to meet buyer demand, but not every buyer understands how to best care for a reptile. 

Since these animals are not created to be domesticated, they require a little more care than a dog or a cat. If a pet owner does not understand what kind of supplies and food their reptile needs, it can be harmful to the animal. To find reptile supplies online, you can also visit

Reptile Pet Habitat

Most snakes and lizards do well in glass terrariums. Pet stores sell a variety of terrariums, and you need to buy a terrarium that will suit your pet's full size. Snakes can outgrow a 10-gallon terrarium quickly, so it's important to purchase an appropriately sized terrarium. A pet store professional can recommend the right size for your reptile.

 Lizards that do not grow to large size can do fine in a regular-sized terrarium, but lizards that do come in a larger size, such as an iguana, will require more space. There are vertical terrariums that allow you to place branches and vines to make the animal hide and feel like it is in its natural habitat.

Reptiles' food and water needs

If you buy a turtle, you will need to use a tank filled with water that has a dry area for sunbathing. Turtles can live on prepackaged food sticks provided by pet stores, but they also enjoy live fish and dried shrimp. 

Lizards such as crickets, insects and depending on the type of lizard they can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Snakes require a live diet, which means you will need to purchase feeder rats or other small animals to feed your snake.

Most lizards and snakes like areas of water that they can use to cool off. You can provide a shallow dish filled with water to meet their hydration needs. Although exotic pets require a little more care and pet supplies, they can provide the same pleasure as a dog or a feline.