Beautiful You By Ethnic Rhinoplasty

 A family that stays together prays together, an adage that she firmly believed since her family is considered vaishyas and shudras in a society. A community that discriminates, demoralizes and dishearten rubbish and junk like them which is of little worth and powerless. The mockery, derision and taunting made her a fiery phoenix that will shine above everything until she finds a salon saying beautiful you by ethnic rhinoplasty in Houston.

A parlor that is intended to change an individuals appearance to look more or less like a particular race, nationality or ethnicity. So glad that made her eyes glowed like a star and her mother gives frequent and constant reminder that stay humble and grounded despite excellence aides success in anything. She never forget it and made a promise to stay as she is despite of near perfection.

She went to the parlor and decided to undergo ethnic rhinoplasty. A year later her excitement, agony and sacrifices had ended. A fiery, strong and dauntless girl was born with passion, rage and more determined who is that girl, I never knew her the common phrases that utters in the mouth of the people.

She came near to them but her American friends were so shocked because they did not know her. I am your African American friend remember, sorry that we did not recognize you. Your face, appearance and structure alter and I do hope not your attitude.

Attitude that was real and special, a soothing personality we loved and most importantly the value for family we all adore, they said. I would never change I promised, she said. Wherever she goes, all eyes are on her like a queen passing down an aisle, appreciated and valued before she was the subject for discrimination and ridicule but after that surgery, she was the center for attraction and attention.

From now on, I will rise and soar high when no one can beat, reach and surpass me. All of you will experienced a hell and make your life full of mess and misery like you did before, not only that, I will get everything until you surrender and bow before me. Who are you, the people said. I am the African American girl you bullied and rejected before, I undergo rhinoplasty to take revenge and vengeances for all of you have done to me.

In this time, I take no apology and consideration, wait until you feel it. As the years went by, she became a beauty queen, has business that made her rich. Truly all she says is happening, she was unreachable and unbeatable. One day, her friends came to her and said you lied to us, you changed a lot.

You cannot understand, I am the victim of persecution and oppression, I just teach them a lesson that discrimination is bad. So do you think it can help you to solve it. Remember that vengeance is not the solution for all of this rather it adds more problem.

All we need is just be who you are, wealth is transient but character is lasting, they said. A statement that realize her mistakes and remembered the reminder of her mother. She asks apology to the people and everything went normal again and learns that the most important of all is not beauty but personality.