A Warning About Health Supplements

The dietary supplement industry earns $ 30 billion per year industry. Companies, stores, and websites are looking for supplements every day to make you more muscular, leaner, faster, more flexible, and more carefree.

While most people believe that this will signal a change in the health of our country, it actually leads to health problems more than ever. How else can you explain the more than 112,000 deaths from obesity in 2007 alone? If supplements are so good and effective, why does the current generation have children who are fatter than their parents?

Many companies have faced FDA warning letters because of their quality of the products.

This is because the dietary supplement industry itself has some serious problems. The first is that dietary supplements, multivitamins, vitamin C, or even fish oil do not require Food and Drug Administration approval before they can be sold.

This means that anyone with a degree in chemistry and access to highly accessible raw materials can start making dietary supplements in a few hours. This usually means that anything can be invested in your supplement.

As? Now, because the FDA doesn't regulate dietary supplements, nobody pays attention to seedy businesses and big companies just trying to make money. In fact, the FDA needs to demonstrate that the ingredients in supplements are unhealthy.

This is a time-consuming and costly process. The nutritional supplement industry can literally incorporate anything they want into their nutritional supplements.