A Trip Meant to Achieve Your Adventure Bucket List


Sri Lanka is a paradise for adventure buffs. There is so much to do from cliff hiking to snorkeling amidst colorful aquatic creatures and in between, you can hit the water surface at the world’s best surfing beaches. Here is a list of activities you can try while you are touring magnificent Sri Lanka.

Surfing – There is indeed a lot of risks involved if you are a first-time surfer. However, it is a life-changing experience. Sri Lankan beaches super fit for surfing. Weligama beach is a popular spot that attracts surfers from all over the world.

Kayaking – Kayaking is an ancient method of transport. Sri Lanka is famous for its smooth kayaking river channels. Kayaking gives an opportunity to explore the flora and fauna around the water channel in serene and tranquil surroundings.

Wildlife safari – Sri Lanka is rich in exotic wildlife. The country is the natural habitat to a variety of large wild animals like elephants, bears, sloths and hundreds of forest birds. The safari resorts are a great opportunity to observe these exotic species up close. In fact, Sri Lanka’s elephants are so man-friendly they let people take photographs around them, eat from their hand and allow petting them.

Hot balloon rides – Hot air balloon rides are a famous adventure activity of Sri Lanka. The rides are operated around forests and islands. During the flight, wild animals can be seen roaming in their habitat. The flights reach almost 500-2000 feet above the ground giving an aerial tour of cultural and natural sites.

Don’t forget to try these and other amazing adventures and sports during your tour in Sri Lanka.