What’s So Great About A Ghillie Costume for Kids?

A kid-sized ghillie costume makes playing monster or sniper games that much more fun! These costumes add realism to costumes and games, paintball and outdoor activities. In the fall, ghillie costumes are becoming increasingly popular with Halloween parties.

Who would want to be a pirate if you could be a sniper, spy, big toe, or fierce fighter? Adults meanwhile try to spend more time with their offspring. Hunting is one of the activities that fathers and children can do. Now it's also a great option to enjoy paintball for kids via paintballusa.org/about/paintball-soft-gelly-ball-games-splatmaster.

Youth Camouflage Ghillie Suit 5ive Star Gear 3691

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Children really feel part of the camouflage experience. The good news is that ghillie costumes for kids aren't just cut from adult ghillies. They are specially made for youth education. We offer two different sets of Ghillie by Stealth.

Ghillie Kids Set – Woodland: – The first set by Ghillie is called "Kids Ghillie Set – Woodland". This light set consists of 4 parts: jacket, pants, sniper hood and rifle cloth. Available in Forest, year-round model.

Kids paintball sniper in 4 Woodland Ghillie suits: – The Stealthsuit also offers a realistic and economical next-generation camouflage suit. Available in Forest model all year round, available in two sizes.

This is a 4-piece camouflage set designed for tough use! The inner jacket and pants are breathable, but insect resistant. Extremely light but designed for many activities, this is a fireproof suit!

Other features of this suit:- Anti-allergy, comfortable adjustable cord and elastic support. There is also a pocket for carrying camouflage. This jacket features 5 quick-release buttons, elastic cuffs and a side cut in the pocket. 

The pants are also feature-rich:- 3 quick-release buttons on the lower leg, elastic waist and ankles, and adjustable drawstring and drawstring.The included hood has a camouflage coat, protective covers, insect-resistant netting, as well as an adjustable strap and chin lock. Ghillie rifle shells have string ties and elastic supports.