What To Consider When Using A Commissary Kitchen


Ideally, the commissary kitchen you choose should be close to your food business or truck and your customers so that the quality of your food doesn't deteriorate due to long haul times. 

It is beneficial to have a commissary kitchen near a main road or highway. You can also look for the best commissary kitchen in Austin for your food business.

Keep in mind that many commissary kitchens have opted for suburban or out-of-town locations because property prices are lower in these areas.


Many commissary kitchens give amenities such as a parking lot or garbage disposal. The latter can add water disposal areas, oil traps, recycling, bins, and composting, which are essential for complying with the provisions of the Health Code. 

Some kitchens require you to pay extra if you want to use these facilities. In the event of an accident, ensure that the waste area is separated from the storage, preparation, and water supply areas so that there is no risk of contamination.


Kitchen supervisor prices vary by state and location. It is advisable to calculate the long-term cost of your investment as it may not be as economical as it seems. Before you decide, have a look at more commissary kitchens and compare their prices.