What Is The Difference Between Facebook Messenger Bot And A Bot?

Facebook Chatbot is designed to interact with users through Facebook Messenger. For users it is an ideal tool for them to conduct their Internet activity without leaving their computer.

Messenger chatbot will try to answer specific questions asked by users or by themselves and also perform actions based on the user's interaction. It can be an automated service or a live help panel for users.

This bot is an advanced system for the basic function of asking and answering questions and data recording. To get the basics of the Chatbot program you need to login to your Facebook account. After logging in you can visit the "Account Settings" and click the "More Help" link.

The next step would be to go to the chat central area of Facebook and click on the Help button and you can choose the "Users and groups" tab. Here you can find several pages including Chatbots and Support for more detailed information. For further details about the Bot programs you can also visit the "General Help" page.

The basics of this Facebook Chatbot program's author is offering it for free on his website. It is just a simple but useful program that tries to answer specific questions or record data. It is not designed to provide live help to users; however, its usage can help users know more about it.

With the help of the Bot you can do several tasks like reading friend requests, sending messages and status updates to friends, sending private messages, browsing news feeds, searching through the photo album, searching for the person on Facebook, and many more things. Also, you can play games on Facebook and you can customize the Facebook Messenger Bot by adding your profile and photos.

Also, it can send you alerts when any new posts or videos are uploaded to the website. Once you press the "manage my account" button you can check out all the activities happening in your Facebook account.

Also, it can track any kind of visitor's activity. You can also post events on Facebook and they can be broadcasted to all your friends. In other words, if you just want to track down the details related to friends, then this bot is for you.

However, this bot is not for everyone and is only meant for those who really need it. The best thing about Facebook Messenger Bot is that it is not invasive and can give you the exact answers.

However, if you don't care about those features, you can also use Facebook chatbot to communicate with other Facebook users. You can send your friends private messages, save time typing messages, and you can even enjoy chatting with other people through Facebook's chat.

Unlike the Bot the Chatbots won't perform a lot of tasks for you. It only provides basic functions.

Even if the Bot has limited features, you still have the option to make use of it for online chatting and learning more about the different users and groups. But, you must be sure that you don't use this program to disturb other users' online chatting and commenting, as it will cause several problems in your Facebook account.