What Is Fybromyalgia Physiotherapy In Edmonton?

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic pain syndrome that typically affects the central region of the body, specifically the muscles and joints. Symptoms can include widespread pain, tenderness, fatigue, and sleep disturbance. 

In addition to treatment for the symptoms, FM patients often require fybromyalgia physical therapy in Edmonton to help improve their mobility, flexibility, and strength.

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Fybromyalgia is a disorder characterized by diffuse musculoskeletal pain that is more severe than usual and lasts longer than six months. Patients with FM also experience significant fatigue and difficulty sleeping due to pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. The cause of FM is unknown but may be related to an imbalance of chemicals in the brain or spinal cord.

While there is no cure for FM, treatments can help reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Treatment options include medication, physical therapy, massage therapy, stress management techniques, and exercise programs. 

Physical therapy may focus on improving joint mobility and function as well as strengthening muscles around the affected area. Massage therapy may be used to reduce tension and inflammation in the muscles and joints as well as promote relaxation. Stress management techniques may help individuals learn how to deal with their anxiety and depression in a healthy way.

How Does One Treat Fybromyalgia?

Fybromyalgia is a disabling condition that affects the central nervous system. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating Fybromyalgia. However, most treatments focus on relieving pain and improving function.

There are a variety of therapies that can be used to treat Fybromyalgia, including: physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, hormone therapy, and Feldenkrais Method therapy. Physical Therapy: Physical therapy is a common treatment for Fybromyalgia. 

Physical therapists help patients improve their function by teaching them how to move more effectively. This can improve overall quality of life and relieve pain. Massage is another common treatment for Fybromyalgia.