Walking And Hiking Activities In Ireland

Unlike many countries, Ireland offers a comparatively mild climate all year round, meaning that walking and hiking and similar outdoor activities are exceptionally popular with locals and tourists alike.

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Not only is the terrain delightfully varied, with a locale and degree of difficulty to suit people of all ages, tastes, abilities, and experiences, there are also different themed walks to suit peoples' individual interests.

The real beauty of walking through Ireland is, of course, how accessible everything becomes. Instead of staring out from behind the windows of a car, you are on your feet, on the streets, mingling with tourists and locals alike.

It is far easier to strike up a conversation when you are on foot than when you are leaning out of a car window, and if speed and time are not of the essence, it is likely that a walking holiday could be exactly what you're looking for to provide a particularly invigorating sort of relaxation.

If it's a leisurely stroll you're after, Ireland can accommodate. There are guided tours through major Irish cities that touch on many of the key historical points the city has to offer, or, if you're of a mind to go it alone, you might want to take a self-guided tour through the surrounding countryside.

Guided tours are also available for the countryside, if you're not sure you want to set out alone, or if you want to have somebody along to answer any questions you might have about the area and its history.