Visit Best Dry Eye Clinic In Toronto

Eye doctors say that dry eyes are a common complaint they get from patients. A condition known as dry eye is one that results from a decrease in tear production. This vision condition affects many people, including women and men of all ages. 

People who live in dry, winter climates are more susceptible to this condition. This is due to the low humidity and dryness of the environment. Premenopausal women may also suffer from this eye condition. You can visit a dry eye clinic in Toronto for better eye health.


This is due to hormonal changes that occur in the body as a result of aging. These are just a few of the causes of vision problems. An eye exercise program may be able to help. 


1 One other cause of dry eyes is smoking, coffee drinking, contact lenses, and environmental factors like heaters and air conditioners.

2 There are certain eye diseases and conditions, including Lupus, Diabetes, Glaucoma, and Asthma.

3 Three Excessive Close-Up Work on the Computer Staring, a poor visual habit that reduces tear production in the eyes, can cause a decrease in blinking.

4 Nutritional Deficiency

Lasik Surgery Side Effects: This is often a side effect after Lasik surgery. 60-70% of tear glands in your cornea are removed during this procedure for vision correction. Dry eye symptoms can result for up to one year. This disrupts the normal function of the tear glands.

Dry eyes can develop as a result of aging. As you age, a significant amount of your tear film production is lost. Research shows that dry eyes are common in people older than 60. By the time you reach this age, a large percentage of your tear-film production has already been lost.

Dry eyes can be relieved by an eye exercise program that improves vision naturally. This program includes eye exercises that relax your eye muscles and stimulate the production of natural tears.