Virtual Reality Headset Accessories

Virtual reality refers to a 3-D, computer-generated environment that can easily be explored and manipulated by a person. The person is able to manipulate objects and perform other actions in order to control the environment. 

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Virtual reality usually has these few characteristics:

1. Believable: You feel like you're in your virtual world through what you see and hear.

2. Immersive: As you move your head around, what you see changes as well, just as it would in real life.

VR Headsets

The most important hardware with VR is the headset, a device similar to a pair of goggles that goes over your eyes. This immerses you in the virtual world. Aside from the headset, there are plenty of accessories and peripherals coming into the market.

1. Controllers

There are already plenty of controllers on the market, mostly for mobile VR (as non-mobile VR now includes its own controllers). These controllers include STEM System and iMotion. Research developer support for each device to work out if it’s compatible with your system before buying.

2. Hand Tracking

Companies such as Ultrahaptics are using infra-red and ultrasound to detect hand movement without needing to hold onto a controller.

3. Motion Sickness

VR motion sickness happens when your brain receives conflicting signals about movement in the environment around you and your body’s relation to it.