Types of Underfloor Heating Systems

There are three types of underfloor heating systems that you can install in your home to replace the existing central heating. They are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to install, they are an effective way of heating and energy-efficient your home only if you opt for quality central heating system.

1. Wired Electric Underfloor Heating

The type of under-floor heating system is achieved by electrically conductive wires/cables that are laid under the boarding floor or tile in vogue even in the whole room.

As the heat rises due to the laws of physics, hot air and then hits the floor or tile, and then conduct the heat into the room through the floor.

You can also install electric floor heating in the form of an electric mat, where you just lie on the subfloor.

2. Forced Air Underfloor Heating

It works with a series of channels that are installed under the floor which is connected to the furnace or boiler, often powered by natural gas or oil. This will heat up the air and is then forced through the channel and out through the vent pointing toward the room.

3. Hydro Underfloor Heating

This type of system is achieved by installing a series of metal pipes under the floor. Connected to the boiler, the water is heated and then passed through a continuous pipe, the heat rising from the pipes of radiation, then heat the space from below