Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy

TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an innovative therapy to deal with the symptoms of severe depression. It is a method of sending stimulating electric charges to a specific part of the brain in order to rejuvenate the nerve cells of that particular region, to bring some changes in the functioning of those dormant nerves.

This is a new method of treating mental depression and has proved to be much less hazardous than Electroconvulsive therapy. This anxiety therapy in Westbury is generally carried out on a patient who exhibits symptoms of severe mental depression after the patient has stopped responding to all other forms of treatment.

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But it also helps to alleviate and improve symptoms of other neurological and psychiatric problems like strokes, migraines, the symptoms of depression and in this case, the treatment shows the more favorable results.

Depression is a form of psychiatric problem that needs immediate medical attention. If it is not treated at the initial stage, then it might, over the period, manifest itself in the form of a major psychological problem.

The treatment of depression is possible to be carried out by other antidepressant therapies and medication, but their long- term use produces various harmful side effects like- weight gain, memory loss, seizure, etc. This kind of side effects and health risks can be done away with by opting for TMS.