Tips To Survive An IRS Tax Audit

When you receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service that you are being audited many people have a sense of fear and panic and often do nothing. This will result in the IRS filing a notice of deficiency against you and the next thing you know is that your bank accounts or wages are being garnished by the IRS.

So do not ignore the IRS, open the envelope and call them back. Let them know you will contact a tax professional to help you with your audit. This will buy you some extra time.

When you do call the IRS, each agent must provide the name and badge number. It is very important to write down their badge numbers, date and time of day that you called. You should document all contacts with the IRS. You can easily get the best tax agent in Mount Waverley.

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Find out why the IRS audits your tax return. Sometimes the IRS notification will even tell you what information they are looking for.

Start collecting your original document as soon as possible. Often people will wait until one or two days before their encounter with the IRS before collecting their documents. But hanging out with your records can take a lot of time and you want to make sure that you do not miss anything.

The first job is not the IRS agent to sort and organize your notes, so they will just ignore your shoebox. Both the IRS will be angry and will start to see another year for audit.

When meeting with the IRS did not volunteer any information. This usually results provide information IRS agents who will be dangerous for your audit.