Tips To Keeping Restroom Clean And Fresh

There is nothing that says that your cleaning company is doing a better job than when your building's restroom is not only clean but fresh-smelling. Eventually, when staff or visitors enter a restroom, they "hope" to be confronted with a pleasant scent – pine, citrus, or just a clean smell.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often when people enter a restroom, they are attacked with a strong odor or unpleasant odor. For more information about restroom cleaning, you can visit

Restroom Clean

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Looking through any janitorial supply menu there is a wide range of products to deal with odors –  air fresheners of all shapes, sizes and fragrances, air sanitizers, and commodes and urinal mats. As a cleaning contractor, where do you start?

To get a clean-smelling restroom, first, you need to remove any odor. Start by assessing the restroom. Odors can come from many sources – the restroom has its own share of "natural" odors and in addition dirt and bacteria can produce even more unpleasant odors. 

Check and monitor drains, as they are a well-known source of deodorant. The first step to keeping odor under control is to thoroughly clean and disinfect restroom surfaces. 

Consider using enzymes in the drains to help break down decaying materials and which can cause problems. Proper cleaning can not only remove the dirt you see but can also cause objectionable odor from places that catch dirt and bacteria.