The Peloton Bike Plus Is Now Available To Order

The Peloton Bike Plus was just released in early September and this new model bike has more features and a higher price tag. If you've been thinking about getting a new Peloton Bike, now is a better time than ever since the standard big just got a price reduction of $350. If there were features on the old bike that held you back from ordering the original indoor cycling bike you may want to take at what the new Peloton Bike Plus has to offer the community. The first thing you'll notice about the Peloton Bike Plus is the new larger screen that can rotate on a swivel to point in any direction on a 360 degree plain. The new Peloton Bike Plus also has Apple GymKit, as well as Auto Follow resistance. You can learn all about these new Peloton Bike Plus features in the video from TailHappyTV explaining how they work and who may benefit from them.

The new Peloton Bike Plus also has a metallic lettering on the side which replaces the more subtle font on the standard bike. You can learn more about pricing and the trade in program on the official company website. At first glance it appears the company is allowing some members to upgrade to the new bike as long as they ordered in the last 30 days. Other members can take advantage of the $700 credit offered to trade an old bike for the new Peloton Bike Plus.