The Elegant Gemstone Jewelry For Women’s

As a piece of jewelry, aquamarine looks best as part of formal evening jewelry, paired with black onyx, dark blue sapphire, or black pearl. For a more casual grouping, use lighter wedding colors like diamonds, pearls, or quartz. 

These “beautiful gemstones and their meanings” (which is also known as “belles pierres prcieuses et leurs significations” in the French language) go well with almost any outfit and because the earrings give off a blue or green sparkle.

Aquamarine semi-precious stones are often found in beautiful handmade modern jewelry all over the world. It has many mythological, spiritual, and etymological associations throughout history, which give it both nostalgic and aesthetic value.

Inclusion is the technical term for an unwanted stone property. Be aware that rubies are very expensive if they have almost no inclusions. However, they are extremely rare and more common at auctions where they sell for hundreds of thousands than in a regular jewelry shop.

Most rubies today are heat-treated to improve their appearance and color. Apart from their natural properties, the cut and shape of the stone also play an important role in determining the price. A well-made ruby hides its natural inclusions and gives it a beautiful fire emanating from it.

Green gemstones can be crushed to improve surface appearance or treated with polymer fillers to reduce imperfections. In the world of gemology and jewelry making, it is very common to treat gemstones with heat or radiation, as well as with grease and stuffing.