The Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation

There are a variety of options available to couples who don't want to be together forever. There's divorce for couples who wish to end their union. Couples may also seek annulment, which would invalidate the marriage as a result of an incident that did not occur.

There is also legal separation which is the ideal option for couples with children. The calculation of alimony and child support remains identical in both legal separation and divorce however, there are some differences between legal separation and divorce procedures. You can get more information about legal divorce in Hawaii via online.

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Here are a few fundamental distinctions:

End of marriage in divorce

Although divorce is a way to end the union, legal separation ends relationships between couples, without changing their legal marital status. The couple is still legally married according to law. Separated couples can live in separate households however that doesn't cause a break in their union.

The reasons for divorce and separation

There are many motives couples may choose to divorce. Some couples' religion does not permit couples to divorce their spouses In this case, separation is their sole choice. 


There are a few major variations in how divorce and legal separation are recorded. In general the legal processes for completing a divorce takes longer than separation. The divorce documents and legal separation differ. If you are unsure it is always advisable to consult a divorce lawyer to get more information.