The Billiard Table and Its Details

The billiard table is one of the most important billiard equipment apart from the pool cues and pool balls. A pool table for billiards is what the golf course is for golf. A billiard table is limited to the game is played.

Many different billiard games are played on different tables. There are many differences between the home and table billiard professionals. Some manufacturers also design 'made to order' fancy tables used more as decoration than to play billiards and pool.  The Pool table consists of a bed, pouch, cloth, pins, etc. Not only this game but even billiard regarded as a fashion accessory by many.

Legacy Line

In terms of classification, different types of pool tables according to the factor below.

Size and Dimensions

The professional billiard table that is used in competitions and other contests have a certain standard size. A professional billiard must comply with accurate dimensions. Apart from the standard rectangular table, the game also has seen the popularity of the hexagonal table and even zigzag.

Fabrics and Materials

What makes special pool tables are felt. The fabric is a special type that is used to cover the play area from the pool table. Fabric can be of many colors, but green is the most popular color.

Many historians agree on this sport has a table in green cloth to represent the green color of the grass outdoor game. Blue cloth on a billiard table is also gaining popularity. There are many manufacturers that make the best fabrics and billiard cloth. Table cloths affect greatly the ball run. Pool cues are known to generate marks and stains on the fabric if used incorrectly.