Starting Your Residential Window Tinting Project

Whether used primarily to reduce the heat, block harmful UV rays and reduce energy costs, window films can provide many benefits for homeowners. The good news is that investing in window film is not as difficult as it sounds.

Residential tinting can be done in simple steps. Here is a plan that will help to simplify the installation process from beginning to end.

Determine product

When purchasing window film, it is important to do some research to determine if a product meets your needs. Once you choose a brand, you need to find a reputable dealer that carries your choice.

Find a dealer

After deciding on a brand, visit the brand web site to identify an authorized dealer who has been a manufacturer vocational training.

Review quotes and compare savings

Once you find a certified dealer, contact the dealer to schedule a home appraisal. Meanwhile, certified professional dealers will be able to analyze your home window tinting residential capacity and provide a quote.

Make an appointment

An appointment is simple since most dealers work schedules around busy. The number and size of windows will determine the exact length of the appointment, but on average, the installation process takes only a few hours.

Receive & File Warranty Information

Professionally installed residential tinting usually comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, adhesive failure and demetallizing. However, there are always exceptions. Ask for a warranty and keep it on file should anything happen.