Some rules you must know before flying drones

training drone operator

It is fascinating to own a drone, but before you fly it, there are some protocols that you cannot ignore. Whether you fly for fun or fly recreationally, the rules are mandatory for all.

Some mandatory rules taught under drone operator training are:

  • Stay below maximum altitude level allowed, ideally 400 feet-

All of us have a question of how high can we fly the drone? But the general rule of aviation ministry state that it is perfect for flying a drone below 400 feet or 121 meters to avoid any potential conflict with airplanes or helicopters. As the rules vary from country to country, it is your responsibility to learn the rules and follow them.

  • Maintain the visual line of sight-

If you want to see your drone in practical sight all times, then you have to maintain the visual line of sight. You cannot solely rely on your drone's camera or vision assisted aides, including binoculars. Above all, you need to ensure that you check the weather conditions before flying the drone as fogs can hamper your visual line of sight.

  • Avoid flying over people-

The majority of the people feel that it is a great idea to fly a drone over a beach to capture some stunning pictures, but in reality, drones over people aren't permitted. Hence you need to practice good judgment and ensure you don't fly drones in public events or stadiums.

Thus these rules are to be followed by one and all.