SEO Tips – A 3 Step Approach to Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a continuous process and something you need to focus your attention on, whenever you create content, build websites, interact on social media, in fact just about anything you do on the internet.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to rank your website on page #1 of Google for your chosen keywords. Follow the SEO tips in this four step approach, to build a solid SEO base that will make the process of reaching Google page #1 much more achievable. You can browse online if you are looking dfor the services of search engine optimization in Canberra.

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Step 1 – Content Based SEO Tips

Start with the most important aspect of SEO, creating quality content. All search engines want their users to have a great search experience, so showing them quality content related to their search query is a search engines number one goal.

Step 2 – Keyword Based SEO Tips

You should have two to three main keywords that your website is based on. This has two advantages. Firstly it lets your site visitors get a good idea what your sites about. Secondly it's easier for you to rank if you concentrate your SEO efforts on just a few main keywords.

Step 3 – Link Building SEO Tips

Links from other sites to your website are very important for search engine optimization. This follows on from steps one and two, because if you have quality keyword based content, people are more likely to link to your content naturally.