Required Equipment for Food Safety

Health food service has food production requirements that many other types of operations do not need to consider. As stated within the Food Code, "The common purpose of operators and regulators of retail and foodservice establishments is to produce safe, quality food for consumers.

Failure to follow food safety requirements, which are defined in the USDA Food Code, will cause many problems for the operation. I can not stress enough that the operator should continue to review their food production process and ensure that all safety practices are followed.

The food quality is always a factor in any foodservice and chilling and reheating of products are all critical control points. Cold food storage is a major food safety area, mainly due to freezing can cause damage to the food product. Buying coldrooms can also handle freezing can help to maintain the integrity of the product.

The ability to freezing will further help in production capacity, limit production turns and improve operational performance. With many health foodservice operations, applying diner-style menu with an expanded selection of foods, chilled and frozen explosion can improve production efficiency.

Another way to improve food safety and operational performance is to buy equipment designed to improve thaw times compared with leaving products in a refrigerator, reheating under running water or the unsafe process of exposing products to ambient temperatures.