Quick Tips on How to Buy Wedding Cakes In Toronto

Not sure how to buy a wedding cake? Cakes can be one of the main highlights of any wedding reception. Choosing the right cake can be a little easier with these quick tips.

Choose the right cake shop:

If you have a favorite bakery in your city, this might be the best place to start. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends or family. There are many bakeries like The Rolling Pin that can provide the best cake and baked goods delivery services.

The availability of cake decorators may be limited. So be sure to stop by the pastry shop to talk about designs, flavors, and any additions you might want to add to your cake. 

Don't forget to give them an exact description of the cake you want or, better yet, to take a picture with you. Give the baker enough time to prepare it, about six months before the big day. You may need to pay a deposit for this.

The right taste:

Aside from the appearance of the cake, keep in mind that cakes are primarily made to be eaten and they taste as good as they look. The texture and taste of the cake itself is important. When looking for a pastry shop, ask for samples of cakes in your desired flavor.

Check your budget:

Wedding cakes vary in price. The price depends mainly on the cake design you want. Something with a complex design will of course be more expensive because you have to pay for the cake decoration costs in addition to the price of the cake itself. 

Most pastry shops can tell you the standard number of servings for each type of cake. So, think about the number of guests attending your wedding to find out how much money you will spend on the cake.