Preparing For Dental Implant Surgery

Since dental implants involve surgery, proper planning and preparation is essential for efficient, accurate and successful installation. All of this includes a clinical examination, treatment planning and patient counseling prior to surgery.

After a discussion with the dentist about the dental implant treatment, the dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly and ask you to acquire X-rays of particular areas of your jaw to evaluate jaw disease. This allows the dentist to plan the placement of the implants. You can also get your dental implants at any dental care center or you can browse to

The following preparations must be performed before dental implant surgery.

Blood assessment

Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are risk factors in the operation of dental implants. Therefore, anything that interferes with dental implant surgery must be diagnosed, and the management of this disorder must be the top priority.

The dentist completely examines the mouth to determine the size of the jaw for implant placement. In case of gum disease, dental caries or biting abnormalities, it should be treated before the operation of the implant.


The height and thickness of the bone are essential for implant placement. An X-ray assessment is performed to confirm the bone mass and shape of the tooth.

Computed tomography (CT) is complete to check the size, shape and location of each organ. The remedy for implant surgery is planned based on the results of these examinations.

Plan the treatment

After verifying that the person's well-being is acceptable for dental implants, a treatment plan is created. Including the number of implants you need, the type of implants to use and the condition analysis of the jawbone.