Platelet Rich Plasma For Hair Loss

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is a revolutionary new method for treating hair loss. It can be used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery or as an individual treatment for hair loss. This technology is already being used by many hair transplant surgeons in hair replacement surgery.

Many more are expected to use it soon after the expert presentations were given to more than 400 surgeons at the ISHRS conference. The three stages of platelet rich plasma therapy are described below. First, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient. Then it is centrifuged. The portion containing the highest concentration of platelets and growth factor is taken and stored.

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One part of the platelet-rich fraction can be broken down and lysed to release additional growth factors. The other whole-platelet factor may then be combined. The extra treatment may increase the effectiveness of PRP therapy, particularly for hair loss.

The second step is to stimulate the scalp to promote wound healing. In order to activate the growth factors, platelets, and PRP therapy, this process must be activated. PRP activation used to require a single needle. The activation step requires hundreds of punctures. Using a single needle to do this was impossible and could cause significant pain for patients.

The activation step is now performed by the Scalproller, a Nanogen product. Scalp roller, a microneedle roller, uses 192 titanium needles to open skin to the same depth each time. The surgeon saves time by rolling the Scalproller over the scalp.

The third stage of PRP is the injection of the growth factor-rich fragment and platelet into the scalp. The stimulated cells use these factors to produce high levels of all the necessary factors for healthy hair growth and healing.

Access to high levels of growth factors and stimulation has been proven to stimulate hair growth and thicken existing hair. This can also make hair transplants thicker and more healthy.